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Delaware Personal Data Privacy Act: What Businesses Need to Know

On September 11, 2023, Delaware Governor John Carney signed House Bill No. 154, referred to as the Delaware Personal Data Privacy Act (DPDPA), into law. With the passage of the DPDPA, Delaware became the thirteenth state to adopt a comprehensive consumer data privacy law, joining California, Virginia, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah, Iowa, Indiana, Tennessee, Montana, Florida, Texas, and Oregon. The DPDPA…

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Website Operators Should Take Steps to Mitigate Risk of Session Replay and Chatbot Technology Litigation

Recently, there has been a wave of consumer privacy class action litigation against website operators alleging privacy violations around the use of session replay and chatbot technology. Remarkably, no specific legislative change triggered this increase. Instead, the rise follows recent court decisions holding businesses liable under state wiretap and eavesdropping…

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Takeaways from Washington's Sweeping Health Privacy Bill

On April 27, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed into law the state’s sweeping health privacy bill – the My Health Data Act.[1] The act, which establishes a comprehensive privacy framework for entities that do business in the state and that handle consumer health data, will take effect less than a…

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